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We deeply value community engagement and seize every opportunity to encourage honest and meaningful interactions with our audiences and the circus community worldwide.

Through workshops and masterclasses, Q & A sessions, our Seedling Fund, or just a quick meet and greet, we love to go beyond being performers on a stage. We strive to genuinely connect with our community through sharing our company's guiding values and training ethos.

The GOM artists emerged from youth programs in circus, gymnastics, music and dance, and many of us went on to become teachers in these same programs. This pathway has led to a deep passion and enthusiasm to share our knowledge. With connection and engagement at its core, GOM transcends cultural and socio-economic barriers providing us fertile ground to nurture the next generation of creative thinkers and makers across the globe.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in workshops or masterclasses. Where our schedule permits, we would love to share our passion with you.

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Mentorships with the GOM Directors + Artists

The support we experienced through informal mentorships during our formative years shaped what GOM is today. This wisdom guided us, encouraged us, fuelled our passion and led to meaningful, long-term relationships within the performing arts community, both in Australia and across the globe.

One of the many ways we aim to support the wider arts community is through our informal mentorship program; GOMentors. The founders, directors and the senior artists in the company will find time to help answer any questions about GOM, our work, life as an artist and everything in between.

We believe there can be many fruitful ways to engage in a mentorship so if you are interested please get in touch with Jascha, a co-founder and director of GOM. She will connect you with an appropriate member of the team and from there, you can develop a process for your communication together.

The GOM Seedling Fund - Micro-Loans for Emerging Artists

What is the Seedling Fund?

This fund is designed to support local emerging artists, both financially and through professional mentoring, to create and present new works. One of Gravity & Other Myths (GOM) key guiding values is to actively support the growth of our community and emerging artists within it.

Government funding is scarce and often confusing, so we have decided to allocate some of our own resources to give young artists a leg up in the form of micro loans helping to reduce costs that may limit them in accepting valuable opportunities. Emerging artists interested in this program will be asked to complete a simple submission explaining how this loan will assist them on their journey to becoming professional artists. Some of the things that we encourage young artists to apply for funding for include the following:

  • Fringe registration fees
  • Travel
  • Professional development
  • Promotional material
  • Equipment or costumes for a specific gig
  • Mentoring opportunities

Why make this fund?

From the very beginning, GOM had support from friends, informal mentors, local arts professionals and the Australian circus community. This support helped us find and open doors to opportunities that may have otherwise been unattainable. In 2013 we got lucky. One door we found ourselves squeezing through was creating and self funding our 2013 tour of A SIMPLE SPACE to Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It turned out to be the just right opportunity for our company and planted the seeds for our relationship with our agent, Wolfgang Hoffman from Aurora Nova. And here we are now, proud (and very lucky) to call ourselves a full time arts company!

It’s not all about hard work or being good at your craft. These two traits are vital but on top of these things you need a network that can guide you to the opportunities and funding to help you realise what’s behind the next door. Creating a company comes with many challenges. GOM has started the Seedling Fund using our experience and resources with the aim to ease some of the growing pains of young arts companies and encourage the continued creation of art in Australia.

If you’d like to contribute financially to our seedling fund, click the donate button below, and leave a message saying what you would like your donation to go towards.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which we make our work, the Kaurna people.

We honour their Elders, past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that the Indigenous people are the first artists of Australia.

It is our privilege to live and create on their country.

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