I Want To Touch You

Slap, tickle, lick, stroke, punch, kiss, shove, poke, pinch, hold, grab, squeeze, scratch, bite, cuddle.

Recent times have reminded us of the tyranny of distance. Our inability to touch even those closest to us has forced us to realise that physical touch is not just important, it is essential.

I Want To Touch You traverses the distance between people. Eight GOM acrobats with an unprecedented physical connection and a 5 piece jazz band, with their deep sonic bond, unite to investigate our innate desire to connect, emotionally and physically, and the obstacles that limit this.


Director: Darcy Grant

Lighting & Set Designer: Geoff Cobham

Associate Director: Jascha Boyce

Composer: Ekrem Eli Phoenix

Creative Ensemble: Andre Augustus, Emily Gare, Joshua Strachan, Lisa Goldsworthy, Shani Stephens, Dylan Phillips, Benton Adams-Walker, Lewie Rankin

Show Information

Show Duration: 60 minutes

Audience Suitability: 6+

Stage Size: 8m wide x 6m deep with 6m overhead clearance. Designed for proscenium arch theatres with a capacity of 200-500.

Venue: Designed for proscenium arch theatres with 600+ capacity

This show is designed to engage a locally sourced Jazz group, details on this process can be provided on request.

Complete description, touring budget, and technical specifications supplied on request.

Touring History

  • 2021
    Adelaide Fringe - Adelaide, Australia
  • 2021
    Queen's Theatre - Adelaide, Australia
  • 2022
    The Garden of Unearthly Delights - Adelaide Fringe - Adelaide, Australia

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which we make our work, the Kaurna people.

We honour their Elders, past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that the Indigenous people are the first artists of Australia.

It is our privilege to live and create on their country.

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